Engineered Wall Seal & Insulation Protection System!

The Airex Pro-System Kit is a 2-In-1 system that combines air-tight sealing with a wall-mounted piping outlet and a UV/Vapor Retarder piping insulation protector for exterior applications of HVAC refrigerant piping wall penetrations and outdoor insulation. Read More ...

TRS Series

TGS Series

TSS Series

Air Leakage Wall Seal, Protect Indoor Air Quality!

The Titan Outlet is the engineered solution of wall sealing refrigerant line penetrations featuring a weather and air leakage resistant, vibration control, rodent proofing, wall enclosure system, and has become the preferred industry leader. Read More ...







UV Weather Protector and Vapor Retarder (All-In-One)!

The E-Flex Guard is an Insulation Protector for Refrigeration Piping on Outdoor applications that complies with mandatory requirements where adhesive tapes are no longer allowed by code, and as specifically prescribed by the new Building/Residential/Energy Codes. Engineered PVC Material is UV/Weather Resistant and a Class II Vapor Retarder to comply with new energy codes, and sustainably protects outdoor pipe insulation. Read More ...

72 Series

750 Series

90 Series